What is Hair Texture?

Ah, hair texture. If this isn't one of the most misinformed hair subjects in the black community, then I don't know what is. This may be surprising to some of you because you might feel like you always knew what hair texture you had. Well, you may have! But let's continue and dive into the mysterious world of hair texture.

So when a lot of people say hair "texture", their minds automatically go to density or dryness which have nothing to do with texture. Let's define-

Texture is the INDIVIDUAL strands of hair on your head. So texture can range from fine to coarse. See example below:

Now, density is the NUMBER of hairs you have on your head. See example below:

YouTuber: Jewellianna Palencia

So you can have fine hair but have thick density. You can have coarse hair and have low to medium density.

density vs texture

So why is it important to know your hair texture? It's important to know because it will help you to access which products and methods work best for your hair. Most people assume that because their hair is thick and dry, they should use heavy products and can manipulate their hair in whatever way. Now if you are someone who falls into that camp but has found great success with your hair then great! I would say you are the minority. I have seen women with very fine, delicate strands manhandle their hair through dry combing, brushing, and heat abuse because they believe their hair is coarse and can take it. They think because their hair is thick and dry it constitutes it as coarse but they never get the length and health that they so desperately desire.

All in all, it's important to break the mindset that our hair rough, tough, coarse just because it's dry. When we don't take the time to learn our hair, we begin to think that our hair is the problem when the truth is it's the way our minds view it. Let's uncondition the kinks from our minds.~

What is your hair texture and how do you care for it? Let us know in the comments down below!

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