Hydrating Low Porosity Hair

I believe that most healthy hair falls in between low and medium porosity. Medium porosity hair seems to be the winner as far as keeping hair hydrated but what about low porosity hair?

In a previous post, we covered low porosity hair more in-depth so check that out here. I mentioned that it is more difficult to hydrate it so what can we do about it?

Before we go into some tips, I think it's important to discuss the difference between moisturization and hydration. Let's think of our hair like a sponge. If we were to spritz it with water, it would be damp and moisturized. If we were to dunk it in water and wring it out, it would be hydrated.

How to Keep Low Porosity Hair Hydrated:

1. Rinse Hair Every Few Days

Natural hair is already dry as it is but low porosity hair is a different beast in and of itself. I've found that since my hair does not accept water very well, it dries out quickly. I cannot afford to go a whole week or even weeks without proper hydration in between. Again, spritzing sometimes doesn't help. Hydration works better for low porosity hair.

2. Seal Hair With Light Products

Note I said with LIGHT PRODUCTS. Low porosity has the tendency to accumulate build up so I suggest using lightweight, penetrating oils, and light products.

3. Protect Hair in the Sun

I love the sun but it can be drying to natural hair in general especially during the summer months. If you know you're going to be in the sun for an extended amount of time, I'd suggest wearing a hat or a scarf.

What are your top tips for hydrating your hair? Let us know in the comments below!

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